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Standards: US Common Core with International Benchmarking
Curriculum: Integrated and Cross-Disciplined. Structured by Blending Best Practices
Build Character: Essential to Sustain Life-long Achievement
Be Global: Learn About Global Challenges and Opportunities Through Projects
Technology: Smart Boards, Tablets, Cloud Computing to Make Learning Fun, Rewarding with Performance Tracking
Extend Learning: Arts, Sports, Music, Robots, Fun...Until 5 pm Every Day (Except Friday)
March Camp: Experience, and Enjoy the Application of Knowledge
Summer Institute: Don’t Forget What Was Taught, Bring the Learning to New Heights Through Hands-on Projects
Optimize Space: Learn to Create in a Free and Inspiring Environment
Enjoy Hot Lunch: Learn About Nutrition and Explore New Tastes
Stay Healthy & Safe: Regular Health Check-ups. Card and Camera Monitored Facility
Sustain: Plantation, Local Produce, Wind Mills, Solar Energy Study
Contact School:
Email: info@vincischool.org
Tel: (613) 842-7557
Admission Office:
E-mail: admission@vincischool.org
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